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Electronic Door Locks: No More Being Locked Into Something You Don’t Like

459838_35454449Electronic door locks are super handy for home security as well as home automation. They provide a number of conveniences with safety features, which makes them the perfect product of both home security and home automation. Locking the door has long been a necessary evil to protect your property and your loved ones from theft, destruction, and kidnapping. But with these security devices, you can forget about some of the key frustrations with manual door locks (pun intended). Here is a bit more on what electronic door locks do for their homeowners.

No More Losing Your Keys!

Yep, you don’t have to worry about losing your key anymore. Instead, you just have to have the right key access code to be able to enter. This might mean that you have to memorize a key code. That can take some time, but it is usually just a few digits or even a password that you have personalized yourself. Being able to personalize your lock makes it more of a convenience for you. And if you live with other people, particularly if you have children, you don’t have to worry about leaving a door unlocked for them when they get home from school because they’re always losing the house key. You can just give them their own personalized code to be able to get inside. In addition, some electronic door locks only require that you have a phone with an accepted digital code that is recognizable by Bluetooth technology within the lock itself. With how digitally attached we are these days, far fewer people are likely to lose their phones than their keys.

No More Forgetting to Lock the Door!

Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771Yes, automatic electronic door locks will keep the door locked for you always. For some locks this mean that they require unlocking with the key code for both exiting and entering, but for most, you only have to worry about unlocking it from the outside. No more will you have a moment of panic at work where you think, “Oh, no! In my rush to get out of the house this morning, I forgot to lock the front door…” It’ll already be locked for you.

No More Expensive Re-Keying!

Re-keying electronic door locks is really simple. Rather than taking out all the doorknobs for the entire home and having them re-keyed by a locksmith, you can simply reprogram them individually. If you’re taught how to do this properly, you can do it completely on your own. That way, if your son is constantly forgetting the key code, you can reprogram it to be easier for him to remember. Or if he gave it to someone else without thinking, you can reprogram it to make sure that no one but your family knows the key code.

No More Wondering if Someone Has Broken In!

79166715Some electronic door locks provide you with a transaction log. That way you can know exactly when people have entered or exited your home. So if someone is able to break in and you wouldn’t have noticed right away because they took only a few things, you can still know right away because of the transaction log.

Electronic door locks are a great way of reducing stress and frustration with basic home security. Put some of these on your doors to make your home automation system even more elite and protected.