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How Security Lighting Enhances an Elite Home Security System

200171288-001Elite home automation means elite home security, and security lighting can do wonders to enhance the status of a home automation system. Security lighting is what will discourage most intruders from trying to break into your home. It is what will give them the warning that someone is home and may be watching them. And with the right kind of home security light fixtures, you can not only have great home security but you can save money and let it take care of itself so that you don’t have to monitor it.

How Security Lighting Discourages Crime

We’ve long imagined that bad guys like to gather in dark, creepy places, usually in alleyways in big cities, so that nobody can see them. It’s true; dirty dealings in the dark are much more common than dirty dealings in broad daylight. So when the night comes, who will protect your home? Who will ward off criminals when the sun is no longer on duty? Having good security lighting placed around your yard and home will send the message to hopeful criminals that your home is taken care of, it’s being watched, it’s being monitored, and they won’t be able to get away with it easily. Now, that may not discourage the most determined of criminals, but it will send away those who were looking for easy pickings (which is why most burglaries happen).

What Security Lighting Should Be Like

While we know that light helps to discourage criminals, we also know that it doesn’t keep them out completely. In fact, if security lighting is not set up properly, it can actually help criminals do their job. It may lull you into a false sense of security so that they can more easily get around you. Or it may allow them to see better what they are doing so that they can more easily break into your back door. White contemporary house exterior 177102515Or it may be poorly balanced so that when you or someone looks outside to check on things, your night vision is obstructed by the brightness of your flood light (which a criminal would pick up on and exploit, hiding in the shadows where you can’t see him because of the brightness).

Therefore, security lighting should be carefully chosen and carefully placed. Flood lights may be an excellent idea for bigger areas of the yard or house, such as the garage. But for smaller entryways and other access points, you should have not one light but several. Each of them should be poorly to moderately lit; that way, night vision is maintained with only as much visual assistance as is needed. Having bulbs of low wattage reduces glaring and shadows so that criminals can’t hide in your blind spots and exploit the weaknesses in your home security system. And they also give you some backup if one of the bulbs burns out. Low wattage saves money on electricity bills. Motion sensor lights can be a perfect way to go – they save you money because they only go off when there’s someone moving nearby, and that means they can alert you to potential criminals right away.

Security lighting makes home security easy and convenient while providing added protection. If you know how to do it right and ask a professional for assistance, it can make all the difference.